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🌟Giveaway Time!🌟

Get ready for some bank holiday excitement! We're giving away awesome goodie bags to those who come up with the most creative captions for this adorable photo of Gem, Zia, and Bonnie (front to back). We'll pick 2 winners from each of our social media platforms, so boost your chances by following us and dropping your captions everywhere! Winners will receive a direct message next week. Good luck and have fun!

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The Cinnamon Trust2 days ago
East London- this is for you!

Our wonderful friends at Hackney Barkers, an award-winning dog grooming salon in Hackney, East London, are offering a day of free pampering on June 22nd for local pets in need. We want to ensure that older and terminally ill pet owners in our community can take advantage of this generous opportunity, and we need your help to make it happen!

You can apply for a spot for yourself, nominate an older neighbour, or assist them in filling out the form below.

Please note, due to time constraints, the number of appointments available is limited, and the sessions will be offered on a first come- first served basis.

Hackney Barkers' full grooming service includes deshedding, clipping or handstripping (based on breed and preference), nail clipping, "wash & go" (two shampoos, conditioning, and a quick dry), and an ultrasonic teeth cleaning option.

To apply, simply fill out our brief application form here: tally.so/r/n9d0L1

Let's make this happen!
The Cinnamon Trust
The Cinnamon Trust4 days ago

In our ever-growing mission to expand, improve, and make the biggest impact we can as a charity, we are looking to welcome a Fundraising Officer to our team at Cinnamon HQ. It is a very exciting time for The Trust, and with it comes this terrific opportunity.

What better way to achieve a feeling of fulfilment than to spearhead vital fundraising campaigns for a charity dependent on donations? Become an integral part of the dedicated team at our Hayle office and feel the difference that we make to thousands of people and pets every year.

If you fancy a change or long to feel that you truly make a difference, apply now! www.charityjob.co.uk/jobs/the-cinnamon-trust/fundraising-officer/968281
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The Cinnamon Trust4 days ago
Warm, bright evenings provide the perfect conditions for a relaxing walk while taking in some valuable vitamin D. Why not bring along the companion of a dog owner who can't get out themselves?

We have a number of new appeal areas where we are struggling to meet demands at this time. If you think you could offer a bit of your time to help make a difference in your community, then please get in touch!

West Bromwich, West Midlands - B71 - Cavapoo - Appeal 12575
Bow, Devon - EX17 - 2x Small Terriers - Appeal 12576
Runcorn, Cheshire - WA7 - Pug - Appeal 12577
Allerston, North Yorkshire - YO18 - Jack Russell - Appeal 12578
Ventnor - PO38 - Terrier Cross - Appeal 12579

Call 01736 758 701, 10am-4pm, Mon to Fri or email appeals@cinnamon.org.uk.

If you haven't yet registered to volunteer, find out more or sign up online by visiting cinnamon.org.uk/volunteers.

We are always looking for new volunteers nationwide, so if you can help in any location, don't hesitate to sign up!
The Cinnamon Trust
The Cinnamon Trust1 week ago
Urgent call to all cat lovers! Miss Olivia is still looking for her new purr-fect home!

This adventurous lady is an 8-year-old DLH with a stunning black & white coat.
Initially shy, Olivia takes her time to warm up to new faces, but once she trusts you, she becomes an affectionate companion, especially enjoying lounging on laps.

Miss Olivia thrives in a calm, one-on-one environment with an owner who understands her independent nature. She prefers a home without young children but could potentially share her space with an older, mellow dog who respects her feline boundaries.

Although she lived with 2 other dogs in the past, for some years now, she has become accustomed to having the spotlight all to herself. She loves having her own space and letting her regal presence grace it, so this miss wouldn't like to share her new kingdom with another cat.

Miss Olivia isn't timid about expressing herself – she loves affection, but she'll give you a playful scolding if she's had her fill of cuddles, and she won't shy away from showing her spirited side, especially during vet visits or handling.

Despite her refined demeanour, Miss Olivia has not lost some of the skills she had to learn as a stray and occasionally follows her instincts to seek out prey. A safe outdoor space is a must for this adventurous lady currently residing in Hampshire.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to Miss Olivia, please contact Zoe:
01736 757900 (ext 207) | zoec@cinnamon.org.uk
The Cinnamon Trust covers all vet bills for any pet placed in a foster home, including complimentary therapies and grooming costs. We also offer holiday cover & provide 24/7 support.
The Cinnamon Trust
The Cinnamon Trust2 weeks ago
Those of you who have visited our Poldarves Sanctuary over the past 10 years have likely been graced by the gentle and beautiful Marion.

She has been part of the welcoming party at the gates of Poldarves for many years, and her absence has left us all feeling as though a huge part of us is missing. Marion may have been a small, slight pony, but her presence and character were colossal. You shall be missed, Marion; we know you are galloping over the rainbow bridge with the glamour and sass that we came to expect from you.