The Cinnamon Trust – Case Studies

Rossi chose my mum when we visited the rescue centre in 2013, he had been a street dog and been overlooked for about a year. Mum loved him with all her heart and he loved her back, he was a very good companion for 9 years. As Mum’s condition deteriorated she became bed bound and Rossi never left her side; he was with her until she died.

I decided to volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust because I had lost my own dog. I missed having a companion but I didn’t want to commit full time. So, short-term fostering sounded a great option – being able to offer a loving home to somebody’s beloved pet so they were reassured that their pet was safe and happy whilst apart felt like it could be really rewarding.

Along came Hetty. From the very first moment she was dropped off she has been a gem and stolen my heart.

I wrote an email to The Cinnamon Trust at the end of January to say I would be coming home in a few weeks and to please bear me in mind if they had any pairs of cats looking for a long-term foster home.  The next day, I received a reply to say they had a family of 3 whose owner was anxious to ensurAmber, Teddy and Ozziee that they would get settled somewhere together.  I was sent a photo of Amber and Teddy, the 4-year-old cream British Shorthairs and Ozzie the 5-year-old black Oriental Shorthair and immediately fell for them.  A few phone calls later and it was arranged that they would move in with me the week after I returned to the UK.

Jo is a typical, intelligent, high energy and fun Collie who’s Mum (due to poor health) is finding it difficult to give him the active walks that he needs.  She approached The Cinnamon Trust for help and advice and I’m so glad she did.

I have recently taken early retirement and find myself with time on my hands and a desire to ‘give something back.’  As a lover of dogs (I am Mum to 2 crazy Spaniels) and the great outdoors, walking for The Cinnamon Trust seemed perfect.  And it is.

“My name is John, long-term foster carer for Harry.   

Harry came to me at the end of September after living with the same family all his life in the city.  It has been quite a change for him as he now lives in a very rural part of the countryside and he has adapted very well.

I have 2 ponies which I carriage drive with and as you can see from the photos, he has been on the carriage, and I’m hoping to take him out when the weather changes.

I think Harry is loving his new way of life with me and I’m so pleased The Cinnamon Trust matched him up with me as we get on so well together!”