The Cinnamon Trust – Case Studies

“The inseparable pair
– they go everywhere together”
Case history
Audrey and Penny

Audrey is blind. She always had dogs and looked after them beautifully. Devastated when her old dog died, she contacted us. At about the same time, Penny, a lovely black cocker spaniel aged 10, was deeply traumatised by her owner’s death. She needed one-to-one care, and fast. Audrey and Penny have been inseparable ever since. Penny goes everywhere with Audrey and, as far as all the shops are concerned, Penny is Audrey’s guide dog! They are a perfect pair – meant to be!
“Inseparable companions continued
their happiness at Poldarves Sanctuary”
Case history
Billie and Jamie

Norah had been frail for some time. Cinnamon trust volunteers visited daily to take Billy and Jamie for their walks so they could remain with their mum who loved and needed them so much. We were privileged to be able to give Norah the peace of mind needed by promising to care for Billie and Jamie for life when she passed away. Inseparable companions, they came to Poldarves Sanctuary when Billy was 13 and Jamie was 7. By the time Billy died two years later, Jamie had new friends to help him through – he’s still very happy and much loved.
“Still together after their owner, Anne,
was admitted to a hospice”
Case history
Bonny, Clyde and Poppy

Bonny and Clyde were 15 and Poppy was 14 when Anne was admitted to a hospice. Devoted to each other, her gorgeous family of Burmese cats came to Poldarves Sanctuary. We were able to send photos and letters, so Anne knew they had settled happily and still did the things they had always done, like sleep together in one furry heap, stalk each other in play and swap dinner dishes half way through.
“The perfect companion for
two different owners”
Case history

Richard didn’t have long to live and his only concern was his companion, Mitzi. At eight years old, she’d hardly ever been out – preferring the indoor life. Beatrice contacted us as her beloved cat had died. She was housebound and unimaginably lonely. Mitzi fitted the bill perfectly. Richard and Beatrice wrote to each other every week until his death. Two old people, new friends, devoted to one little cat. Beatrice and Mitzi had had eight wonderful years when Beatrice died, at peace, knowing Mitzi would still be loved. She enjoyed life to the full at our Poldarves Sanctuary until she died aged 20.