Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get help with my pet(s)?

If you are a pet owner, please call us on 01736 757900 or complete the contact form. Our ethos at The Cinnamon Trust is that we deal directly with owners, so that we can reassure them and find out what we need to know about their pet(s).  If you are not an owner and need advice, please call and we can try and point you in the right direction.

Q2. What is your criteria for help?

We offer voluntary dog walking support for owners who can no longer exercise their pets themselves. You have to be over the age of 65 for us to help unless you are suffering from a terminal illness. This criteria applies to the whole household, not just the pet owner.

Q3. What services do you offer?

The Cinnamon Trust offers practical support for those who find themselves unable to manage physical tasks relating to pet care. We have volunteer dog walkers, cat groomers, vet transporters and temporary fosterers. Note we cannot guarantee to meet the demand of multiple times daily or time specific requests, because we rely on the time offered by local volunteers.

Q4. Can make I make provisions for my pet(s) with The Cinnamon Trust in the event of my passing?

Anyone of any age can make long term provisions with The Cinnamon Trust. We offer our Pet Profile service for any person(s) who have concerns that there will be no one to take on their pet in the event of their death or have to move into permanent nursing care. We pay all vets bills and provide a support package to all the pets that come into our care. For more information please complete the contact form or call 01736 757900.

Q5. Is there a charge for The Cinnamon Trust service?

The answer is NO – there is no charge, as this is a voluntary service. As a charity we rely on donations and fundraising but everyone who volunteers with The Cinnamon Trust offers their time and kindness at no cost. We welcome bequests as that allows us to continue our work and help support the thousands of pets that are in our care.

Q6. Do you rehome pets?

The Cinnamon Trust is not a re-homing charity. The only time we offer a new home to a pet is if an owner has made arrangements with us prior to their passing or going into permanent nursing care. Please see Q4 for information on our pet profiling service.

Q7. Where do you operate?

We are a national charity and cover the whole of the UK. However local availability is entirely dependent on having registered volunteers available to offer help with the task that is required and within the distance they are willing to travel.

Q8. Can you walk my dog?

We offer dog walking support to those (of Q2. criteria) who are temporarily or long term housebound. We do not offer dog walking support to those who can walk their pets themselves or live with an able bodied person(s) who can dog walk. Additionally we do not have professional dog walkers to take out dogs that are too challenging for an owner to walk opposed to the owner being housebound. We also have a 1 dog per hand policy, meaning walking more than 2 dogs requires a pair of volunteers which can be challenging to our resources.

Q9. Can you foster my pet(s)?

We offer short term fostering to those (of Q2. criteria) who are facing a hospital admission. We use volunteers’ homes to foster and so we need to know as much as we can about a pet before we place them. Where possible, we match pets in need to a suitable foster home that meets the requirement/needs of the pet. We want to know as much as we can about the pet(s): day to day care, personality and what they would expect of us, to enable us to match make them to a foster home. We foster all pets purely for the duration of the hospital stay and will return them to you when discharged from hospital, but with additional support if required.

Q10. Do you offer day care/visiting/sitting?

The Cinnamon Trust does not offer any form of temporary care that isn’t relating to a hospital admission. Our volunteers cannot access a property that is unoccupied.  We can only move a pet into the home of a volunteer in the event of a stay in hospital, not for day care for appointments. If a pet is profiled with us we will however gain access to the pet in an emergency and all of the above may not apply.