From Margaret’s daughter Karen

My mum recently passed away after a long illness and your volunteers Martin and Lyn walked my mum’s dog Rossi regularly for approx. 4 years. Without them and the help of The Cinnamon Trust, she would not have been able to keep him.

Rossi chose my mum when we visited the rescue centre in 2013, he had been a street dog and been overlooked for about a year. Mum loved him with all her heart and he loved her back, he was a very good companion for 9 years. As mum’s condition deteriorated she became bed bound and Rossi never left her side; he was with her until she died.

The Cinnamon Trust has taken Rossi in and he has now retired to their sanctuary in Cornwall.  Martin even took Rossi himself to ensure he settled in and was happy. I cannot thank you all enough for the support and compassion shown to my mum and me at such a difficult time. My mum had the peace of mind knowing Rossi would be happy and after seeing a recent photo of him on a beach, mum would certainly approve.

From Volunteers Martin and Lynn  

Lynn and I started walking Rossi in 2018.  He is a Staffie and lived with his mum Margaret.  He is a very determined dog.   

We quickly learned and would always telephone before driving over to walk Rossi.  For example, if it was raining, Rossi would say a big NO to going out. If it started raining whilst he was out, he would refuse to budge unless homeward bound.  Attempts to outwit Rossi, by trying different directions, were generally thwarted.

However, not knowing the area for walking, we soon learned new routes to explore and Rossi would lead in a very sprightly way, sniffing nearly every blade of grass he passed.  Sometimes, we would both take him along with our Rough Collie Meg.  After the initial greeting, they would both do their own thing.  Rossi totally ignored other dogs and cats and people. 

Rossi was a rescued street dog and had developed an amazing bond with his mum.  If she was feeling poorly, Rossi would not leave her side.  Sadly Margaret passed away recently but in her own home with Rossi by her side so he was able to say goodbye and grieve.

Martin drove him down to the sanctuary in Hayle to spend the rest of his days in doggie luxury.  Rossi travelled the 120 odd miles well and settled very quickly.  He hardly paused to say goodbye. We will miss him but I am not sure he will miss us. But that’s ok.