Jo is a typical, intelligent, high energy and fun Collie whose Mum (due to poor health) is finding it difficult to give him the active walks that he needs.  She approached The Cinnamon Trust for help and advice and I’m so glad she did.

I have recently taken early retirement and find myself with time on my hands and a desire to ‘give something back.’  As a lover of dogs (I am Mum to 2 crazy Spaniels) and the great outdoors, walking for The Cinnamon Trust seemed perfect.  And it is.

Having heard about Jo from The Trust, a phone call to his Mum led to a meeting and a short walk a few days later.  I never saw myself as a ‘Collie girl’ until I became Jo’s friend.  When he spots me through the window he lets himself out of the back door (I said he was clever) and greets me with a 2 pawed, leg hug and Collie kisses.

Jo and his Mum are lucky to live a stone’s throw from the beach and coast path and that is where we head for our adventures.  Several weeks of lead walking gave us time to get to know and trust one another.  I am very proud of the special bond we have formed.  With the bond made and the disappearance of the tourists (leaving us with the beach to ourselves) we now have a soggy, sandy time with a long line and a tennis ball; I’m not sure which of us enjoys it more!  Jo’s recall is great and he will drop the tennis ball a few feet from me then roll it to me with his nose.  Cute!

A stroll on the coast path gives us chance to practice our lead walking and do a bit of dolphin spotting.  Jo does not share my excitement when we catch sight of one but he humours me and enjoys the ‘sniffs’ along the path.

Being able to make a difference to Jo’s life is rewarding and I look forward to my porch chats with Jo’s Mum at collection and drop off – and think she does, too.  If you were to ask me if you should volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust I’d say “get yourself a good pair of boots and go for it.”

Everyone should have a ‘Jo’ in their life.