Pet Profiling

The Cinnamon Trust gives peace of mind to those who are worried about their pet’s future. Pets are family and rely on us to keep them safe and happy, so making plans for them, if you pass away is so important. Many of the people who register their pets with us, do it because they are getting older, some are facing terminal illness and some are pet owners who don’t have friends or family that can care for their pet(s) if something happens to them.

“I was worried about my sheep, I have raised them from lambs and they are a family. They come to me for their breakfast in the morning and we have a set routine. I couldn’t believe there was a charity that understood how I felt about them and that promised to care for them in the way I have.”

– Lady O’Hagan, 96, Devon

However, many people just want that reassurance that their pet’s future is secure, so they don’t have to worry. Profiling can be done by an owner at any age and the process is very simple.

Other charities offer similar services to ours, but most are rescue centres, which means kennels and sometimes a very long wait for a home. It can also mean if you have a family of pets, they may not be kept together. For a pet that is used to the comforts of home and one to one care, kennels and catteries can be frightening and traumatising.

We realise that pets come in all shapes and sizes so not just cats and dogs. We have had birds, horses, goats, tortoises and even a cow! If you love them then so do we! Our goal is to match pets to a “like for like” home keeping things as familiar as possible.

“I profiled Teddy with The Cinnamon Trust because my husband has dementia and my sons both live in Spain. The process was easy and I immediately felt that Teddy’s future was in safe hands.”

– June & Teddy, Nottinghamshire

Why The Cinnamon Trust?

1. We do not use kennels or catteries

2. We pay all vet bills for the rest of a pet’s life

3. We stay in contact and support our pets forever more

4. We always keep pet families together

5. We have a 24 hour emergency line

We want to know your pets as well as you do, and this is one of the reasons why people are rushing to profile their pets with us. Profiling is quite a detailed process so in an emergency we can let any prospective fosterer know everything about your pet, what they eat, where they like to sleep as well as other important details. Routines are so important for the well-being of any pet and help enormously when settling in. If the routine and language is the same, then we can comfort them in ways they are used to. Whether this be, a “goodnight sweetheart” and a kiss on the head, where they like to be scratched or perhaps their nicknames. This is why we ask you to complete a detailed profile which helps us to see your beloved companion through your eyes.

Once registered, a pet’s future is secure. We do not use kennels or catteries and the pets that are profiled with us will only ever go into a Cinnamon Trust registered volunteer’s home.

We pay all vet bills for the remainder of the pet’s life. And whether they come into our care with extensive needs or develop them in time, we will support them through it all with no expense spared to guarantee their quality of life. This financial cover is just one of the ways we can be sure that they receive the best care when you are not around and allows foster families to focus on the important bit, providing endless love and comfort.

Our Head Office is in Cornwall, but this is simply where we answer the phone and our staff work. However, we are never far away in terms of volunteers, with over 20,000 nationwide who help us with fostering and moving a pet to their new home. So, we have a strong national network and a waiting list of those who wish to life time foster a pet in need.

The Trust prioritises the smooth transition from beloved owner to a new foster home. We match people and pets very carefully, making sure that all pets are held with as much love, care and support as their owners would want and expect from us. The support The Cinnamon Trust gives is exceptional and this is one of the reasons we have a waiting list of people that want to take on a “Cinnamon Pet.”

We are here 24/7 to offer guidance to our long term fosterer’s if they need us. We also provide a huge package of support for our “Cinnamon Pets”, not only with vet bills but we provide holiday cover as well. Knowing that our support is lifelong gives enormous peace of mind to owners, particularly those who are facing a terminal illness.

We don’t just home and hand over a pet to anyone!

We have home checked everyone and if we place a pet(s) with them, a contract is signed and the agreement states that a pet is always owned by The Cinnamon Trust and is never to be re-homed. This is part of the promise we make to all owners that we will make sure pets are safe and secure for the rest of their lives. We maintain regular contact with lifelong fosterer’s throughout the pet’s life so we always know how they are.

What about pets that have complex medical needs?

The Cinnamon Trust also has two unique sanctuaries which are set in acres of countryside and are a ‘home from home’. There are comfy chairs, televisions, 3 home cooked meals a day and live-in staff to make sure the pets in our care have everything they need and cuddles and kisses too! Vets attend on a regular basis and qualified veterinary support is available 24/7.

“I profiled Kye because he has Fibrotic Myopathy. He is otherwise fit and well but I was worried that if anything happened to me and he went to a rescue shelter, they would put him to sleep. The fact that The Cinnamon Trust pay all the vets bills is fantastic and means that he would always get the best treatment available.”

– Joan and Kye, Carmarthen

How do we manage to do all of this?

The Cinnamon Trust makes no charge for any of its services and is dependent entirely on voluntary contributions. We spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in vet bills every year and could not do this without the help and generosity of our supporters.

Legacy income is very important to us and we hope that owners who are profiling their pets with us, will remember us in their wills. However, the service is the same no matter how large or small the gift. Legacy income is vital if we are to maintain the standards we have already established, so we are very thankful to anyone remembering us in their will.

We would suggest that in addition to filling in a pet profile you advise a solicitor of your wishes. A pet profile is not a legal document and the owner’s wishes may be overturned by family or friends, unless they inform their solicitor. Adding codicil wording to your Will ensures that your wishes are legally binding. We are happy to provide you with a wording template by post on request, or digitally via the link below.

Once the forms are completed and you have received a call from us to confirm we have all we need, your pet’s future is secure with The Cinnamon Trust. We will send you a confirmation letter and your emergency cards. One for your purse/wallet and one to place in a prominent place at home. Our 24/7, 365 days a year emergency service is there to make sure that we respond immediately to minimise any distress to your pet and bring them safely into our care.

How to profile your pet with The Cinnamon Trust

All pet profiles are subject to review and we can only make provisions with the pet(s) owner directly. Once your form is received, one of the team at The Cinnamon Trust will give you a call so we can have a chat with you about your pet and confirm that your pet is profiled.

To fill in your pet’s information with our automated system all you have to do is press the blue ‘Start’ button below and answer the questions when prompted. We would like you to add as much detail as possible for each pet so we can get to know them! If you have any more than six pets or, if you wish to make provisions for a companion who is not a cat/dog you will need to speak to one of our team. Please give us a call or email, we will be happy to hear from you.

If technology is not for you then please call and we will take basic details over the phone and then send you the necessary forms in the post or by email for you to complete in your own time.